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Swasthya Bharat Abhiyaan: Fuelling Mission LiFE

Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) at the...

Green Energy For A Better Tomorrow: The Hydrogen Promise

Organizations worldwide are discovering the transformative power of green hydrogen as an energy...

Experience Local By Locals: A Vision For India’s Cultural Diversity And Tourism

India, a mosaic of diverse cultures and regional identities, faces the challenge of preserving its...

From Crisis To Collaboration COP28 And A Crucible For Global Unity On Climate Action

As we stand at the precipice of COP28, the urgency of addressing climate change resonates louder...

The Art of Responsible Exploration

In a world that is increasingly interconnected yet paradoxically distant, the concept of travel has...

Future of Urbanization: Built Environment Established on Resilience and Decarbonization

In the next few decades, urbanization is poised to witness a remarkable transformation. According to...

Why Every Indian Household Holds the Key to India’s Waste Management Woes

Although the role accorded to citizens has been that of generators of waste, there is immense...

Balancing Economic Development And Environmental Conservation In Oil Palm

While palm oil is widely seen as ecologically damaging in popular perception and not without reason...

Learning, Implementing ABC Of Sustainable Development

Every organisation will need to undertake a variety of initiatives to achieve sustainability and...

Harnessing Indian CSR Model For Climate Funding

We all know the urgency of climate change and there is enough being said and written about it. It is...

Uncovering The ‘S’ In ESG

Recently, a large tobacco company outscored a pioneer electric vehicle manufacturer on ESG score...

Sustainability Insights

Civil Society Organisations

Restoration Dialogues: Inspiring, Innovating, and Designing Solutions for Scaling Landscape

This conference proceedings presents findings derived from global, national, and regional best...

Enabling EV Battery Reuse and Recycling in India

Women Workers in Indian MSMEs: Challenges for a Just Transition

RTE, 2009 requires unaided private schools to reserve at least 25% seats for children from economically and socially disadvantaged communities.

Domestic Steel And Cement Industry Need Rs 47 lakh Crore Investment To Meet Net Zero Goals: Report

International Specialists Map Out Fresh Paths for G20 Nations in Advancing Women’s Empowerment and Leadership in Agricultural and Food Sectors

Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet And ORF Release A Communique For People-Positive Energy Transition

Global Initiatives

The sustainable development goals report 2023

Halfway to the deadline for the 2030 Agenda, the SDG Progress Report; Special Edition shows we are...

G20 2023 action plan on accelerating progress on the SDGs

Nature Positive: Role of the Chemical Sector

Shared Intelligence for Resilient Supply Systems

World Bank & Japan Aim To Boost Mineral Investments, Clean Energy Jobs For Developing Nations

India-EU Tech Council Hosts Global Workshop on Green Energy

EU Weighs India’s Bold Carbon Tax Bid

CoP 28 Updates