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Johnson Controls Unveils Blueprint For India’s Net Zero Future 

As nations globally accelerate efforts to achieve net-zero emissions in response to the climate crisis, India, the world’s third-largest energy consumer, has set a target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2070

Johnson Controls, one of the  global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, unveiled its groundbreaking whitepaper, “Tech for Green India – Mission Net Zero,” at the 21st edition of Green Building Congress 2023, India’s preeminent conference on the green built environment. This marked a significant step towards a sustainable future.


Prominent sources inside the organisation emphasised the company’s dedication to prioritising solutions that cater to the unique requirements of individual buildings, promoting a comprehensive and cooperative approach towards India’s decarbonisation. Arun Awasthy, President and Managing Director of Johnson Controls India, and Rathninde led the launch ceremony, which signalled a turning point for the sector.


India, the third-largest energy consumer in the world, has set a goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070, as countries around the world step up efforts to do so in response to the climate catastrophe. In order to conform to India’s aggressive decarbonization targets, technology plays a critical role in transforming buildings and metropolitan areas, as stated in the Johnson Controls whitepaper.

The whitepaper presents a comprehensive strategy that tackles the significant obstacles and prospects that confront the green building sector in India. The scheme consists of:


Increasing Awareness and Adoption: The idea emphasises the necessity of educating professionals and citizens through efficient information campaigns. It is advised that academic curricula include sustainability and green building modules, and that incentives such as low-interest loans, more construction space, reduced property taxes, and worker skill development be provided.


Improving Standardisation: For increased efficacy, the whitepaper recommends combining uniform green building requirements into legally enforceable certifications. It is recommended that these certificates be aggressively marketed through several platforms, emphasising the need for uniform assessment matrices to guarantee precise and uniform performance evaluation.

Johnson Controls Unveils Blueprint For India’s Net Zero Future 

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Johnson Controls Unveils Blueprint For India’s Net Zero Future 

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