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“We Achieved 93% Reduction In Scope 1 & 2 Emissions Before Our Target Of 2025” – Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability, AVEVA

In an exclusive interview with BW Businessworld, Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability, AVEVA, shared some insights from COP28 concluded in December last year and how AVEVA is leading the charge in the sustainability space through its technological solutions.   Question: You were a part of the Conference of Parties (COP28) held in Dubai. What […]

Bridging the Gap: The Loss and Damage Fund’s Pivotal Role in Climate Financing

“The climate crisis does not discriminate; it impacts us all. However, the burden is disproportionately carried by those who contributed least to its creation. Now, the Loss and Damage Fund has become a beacon of hope, aiming to rectify historical injustices and ensure a sustainable future for all.”   On the opening day of the […]

Climate Change Made 2011-2020 Decade Wetter And Warmer For India: WMO

Globally, glaciers thinned by about 1 metre per year, impacting water supplies for millions  The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) released a report during the UN climate conference , highlighting the impact of worsening climate change on India during the 2011–2020 decade. The report, offering a long-term perspective, pointed to sustained trends without variations attributed to […]

Green Horizon Rounded Up – Milestones in 2023 Shaping A Sustainable Tomorrow

From COP28’s climate summit to India’s Bio-fuel Alliance to G20’s Green Pact, 2023 has been a mixed bag for the sustainability sector   Amidst the persistent obstacles caused by climate change, evolving energy transitions, and geopolitical tensions, the year appeared to have the potential for constructive transformation– a belief that was recognised by a significant […]

COP28 Chooses Gradual ‘Transition Away’ Over ‘Phasing Out’ Fossil Fuels

The declaration urged countries to help with the “transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems, in a just, orderly and equitable manner, accelerating action in this critical decade, to achieve net zero by 2050  For the COP28 climate meeting in Dubai, world leaders opted for a weaker wording that spoke of ‘transitioning away’ from […]

COP28: Permanent Committee For Human Rights Holds Event Highlighting Links Between Climate Change, Gender-based Violence

Jamal Al Musharakh,  emphasised the importance of women’s role and gender equality in climate action. The UAE also submits a draft resolution on girls’ education to the Human Rights Council   The Permanent Committee for Human Rights in the UAE, in cooperation and partnership with the General Women’s Union and the UN Women Liaison Office for […]

Nations Reject Weak Carbon Market Rules

Countries have failed to adopt rules under Article 6.2, which covers bilateral actions between countries to reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions  Nations failed to reach a consensus on regulations to create a global carbon market during the 28 Conference of Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which concluded on […]

COP28 Concludes: Global Consensus For Significant Climate Action Sets New Course

The two weeks of negotiations saw over USD 85 billion and 11 pledges and declarations committed to climate action   COP28, hosted in the United Arab Emirates, mobilised a significant number of voluntary pledges in the lead-up to its landmark final declaration calling for ‘transitioning away’ from fossil fuels. After over two weeks of negotiations, […]

India Puts Climate Justice At The Core Of Sustainability Road Map 

As India embarks on an accelerated sustainability journey in line with the UAE consensus, it stresses on the imperative to work for global good but within national contexts, with the developed nations leading by example The rigorous deliberations that lasted over two weeks resulted in the historic agreement, now known as the UAE consensus. It […]