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Report Suggests Government Considering Incentives Or Support For Converting Old Vehicles To Electric Vehicles

The report suggests that a coordinated approach involving government initiatives industry collaboration and public engagement could effectively address the challenges of transitioning to electric vehicles   According to a joint study released on Thursday, the government is considering the prospect of offering incentives or supporting programmes for the conversion of outdated vehicles into electric vehicles (EVs) […]

Tata Group Plans Chip And Battery Factory Construction In Gujarat

The expansion in Sanand has been undertaken to meet the growing demand for EVs  The Tata Group, led by Chairman N Chandrasekaran, plans to build a sizable semiconductor plant in Dholera, Gujarat and expects to start producing semiconductors there in 2024. The conglomerate is presently nearing the finish of the plant’s discussions and Chandrasekaran, during […]

Transition Over Seven Years: 800,000 Buses To Shift From Diesel To Electric

Estimates suggest a capital investment of Rs 1.2–1.5 trillion may be required to roll out 100,000 electric buses at current prices   The government recently disclosed intentions to replace 800,000 diesel buses—roughly one-third of the whole bus fleet—with electric vehicles (EVs) over the course of the next seven years as part of a significant environmentally conscious […]