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Ziro Management Solutions Revolutionizing Event Management The Sustainability Way

Triggering behavioural change towards sustainable and planet friendly event


Globally, there has been an increase in the number of events such as music festivals, corporate boardroom and other events, sports events, conferences, etc. all of which have led to a considerable increase in the amount of waste generated from them. Even though people are becoming eco-conscious, proper waste segregation remains a challenge due to a lack of infrastructure, lack of awareness, etc.

In the pursuit of making events green, the 15-year-old young minds, Saina Sahni and Mehher Sharma, have founded a startup, Zirow Management Solutions which is a ‘movement’ rather than just another business venture. The company is named after its mission to achieve ‘Zero Waste’.

With the goal of ‘empowering clients with the knowledge and tools to host dazzling events without leaving a negative impact on the environment’, the startup is focused on integrating eco-conscious practices into event planning by offering tailored consultancy services to event organizers, corporations, and families.

Sahni and Sharma shared, “Our journey is fuelled by curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and a commitment to making a difference. We’re eager to learn, to get mentored, and to collaborate with others to refine our idea and transform it into a profitable, sustainable business.”

The company has a multidimensional execution team that looks after every facet of an event, from inception to denouement, with waste minimization as its lodestar. This entails the wholesale substitution of plastic and disposable paraphernalia with reusable alternatives, sophisticated waste segregation protocols, and the equitable redistribution of surplus food to the underprivileged. The company also repurposes floral and organic waste into value-added commodities.

To encourage organizers to make their events sustainable, Zirow incentivizes its clientele, including event hosts and corporate collaborators, with enticing rewards for embracing sustainability in their festivities.

Ziro Management Solutions Revolutionizing Event Management The Sustainability Way

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Ziro Management Solutions Revolutionizing Event Management The Sustainability Way

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