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A Brighter Future: Aluminum, Sustainability’s Secret Weapon

In the global push towards sustainability, industries and governments are exploring innovative practices and solutions that can drive economic growth while minimising environmental footprints. Aluminium stands out as a pivotal metal in this revolution due to its unique properties and widespread applications. As per the analysis by the International Aluminium Institute (IAI), the demand for […]

Restaurants Lead Charge Against Plastic In Food Packaging

To save the Earth, every country and industry is playing its part as it has become an integral aspect of survival. Multiple campaigns are running under companies and as individual entities. The “Say No To Plastic” campaign seems to have achieved success in many ways. Let’s take the example of the food and restaurant business. […]

From Awareness To Activism: Answering Mother Earth’s Cry

The theme for Earth Day 2024 is ‘Planet vs. Plastic,’ emphasising the commitment to environmental protection and restoring the planet’s balance Earth is like a mother, caring for and giving life to countless species on the planet. Sadly, mankind has forgotten to appreciate all it provides and has begun to exploit it for human gain, […]

Green Hydrogen: Sanjeevani Booti For Driving India’s Energy Security, Energy Transition

By concentrating on below areas, India will strengthen its energy security and move towards a sustainable and prosperous future by supporting international collaboration in developing renewable energy sources to tackle climate change The preservation of nature and its sanctity are deeply ingrained in India’s cultural ethos. Ancient Indian lifestyle imbibed the principles of harmonious living […]

Sustainable Urbanization

From Trash To Treasure: Art Of Extracting Critical Elements For Sustainable, Circular Future 

Businesses must embrace circular design principles, incorporating recycled materials and designing products for longevity and recyclability, writes Prassann Daphal, Chief Executive Director (CEO), Recyclekaro. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the notion of turning trash into treasure has never been more relevant. With resources depleting and landfills overflowing, there’s a growing imperative to adopt sustainable […]

Net Zero: Transforming Economies For Livable Earth

The journey towards net zero emissions is arduous but essential. It requires collective action, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to building a more sustainable future, writes Aun Abdullah, Head-ESG Lodha With global greenhouse gas emissions reaching record highs and the carbon budget rapidly depleting, the urgency to shift towards a low-carbon and ultimately net-zero carbon economy has […]