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HP Govt Restricts Departments From Buying Diesel-Petrol Vehicles From 1 January

Himachal Pradesh’s chief minister directs government departments to stop purchasing diesel or petrol vehicles and promote e-vehicles 


A major step towards environmental sustainability has been taken by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, who ordered government agencies to stop buying petrol and diesel cars as of 1 January, 2024. The objective of this directive is to promote the use of electric vehicles, or e-vehicles and support the state’s vision of a “Green and Clean Himachal.” The statement goes on to say that the state cabinet must provide its consent before any department can purchase a diesel or petrol car.

With 2,733 privately owned e-vehicles registered in the state in addition to the government’s fleet of 185 e-vehicles, Chief Minister Sukhu highlighted the significant advancements made in the promotion of e-vehicles. He emphasised how the Transport Department led the way in substituting electric vehicles for its fleet of official vehicles, paving the way for other departments to do the same.

Sukhu stated that every department will gradually switch to e-vehicles, guaranteeing the eventual displacement of traditional fuel-powered vehicles. The government’s deliberate transition to e-vehicles not only marks a new era but also emphasises its dedication to protecting the environment. The effort, which uses electric mobility to lessen the environmental impact of government activities in Himachal Pradesh, is a reflection of a larger movement towards sustainable practices.

HP Govt Restricts Departments From Buying Diesel-Petrol Vehicles From 1 January

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