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COP28 Chooses Gradual ‘Transition Away’ Over ‘Phasing Out’ Fossil Fuels

The declaration urged countries to help with the “transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems, in a just, orderly and equitable manner, accelerating action in this critical decade, to achieve net zero by 2050  For the COP28 climate meeting in Dubai, world leaders opted for a weaker wording that spoke of ‘transitioning away’ from […]

COP28 Concludes: Global Consensus For Significant Climate Action Sets New Course

The two weeks of negotiations saw over USD 85 billion and 11 pledges and declarations committed to climate action   COP28, hosted in the United Arab Emirates, mobilised a significant number of voluntary pledges in the lead-up to its landmark final declaration calling for ‘transitioning away’ from fossil fuels. After over two weeks of negotiations, […]

Revised COP Draft Proposes Fossil Fuel Transition As Compromise Deal

The latest text ordains nations to transition away from fossil fuels, including coal, but stops short of dictating a phase-out   COP28 leaders worked through a draft deal after arguing over the divisive phase-out issue till the small hours of Wednesday. The most recent wording calls for countries to move away from coal and other […]

Observers See OPEC ‘Panicking’ As COP28 Climate Talks Focus On Possible Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

The call for a swift phase-out of fossil fuels emerges as the central theme in the talks’ final days Veteran negotiators at the U.N. climate talks on Saturday emphasised that the global movement to transition away from fossil fuels had gained substantial momentum, confronting a formidable opponent: the oil industry. Late on Friday, news broke […]

COP28: Global Stocktake Calls For Just Phase-out Of Fossil Fuels

A new version of the Global Stocktake was released during the ongoing UN Climate Summit (COP28) provides options for key issues of negotiations, such as mitigation, fossil fuels, equity and historical responsibility   The first Global Stocktake (GST), which will end this year’s meeting, will probably assess how well nations have done thus far in […]