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Coca-Cola Bottler Allocates INR 100 Crore For Sustainability Initiatives

SLMG is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 as part of Coca-Cola’s global initiative to create a “World Without Waste” 

 The Coca-Cola bottler in India, SLMG Beverages, plans to dedicate over Rs 100 crore this year to supporting climate change-related sustainable activities, all the while putting safety and environmental preservation first. Rs 75 crore, a sizeable amount of the funds allotted, will go towards sustainability initiatives, while an additional Rs 25 crore will be used to guarantee product quality.

The Chairman and Managing Director of SLMG Beverages, S. N. Ladhani, emphasises that hosustainability is importanceo the company’s business plan. Ladhani highlights how crucial it is to follow sustainable methods to handle both current and upcoming obstacles successfully.

Complying with its pledge to support Coca-Cola’s worldwide campaign for a “World Without Waste” and a net-zero carbon emissions objective by 2050, SLMG hopes to be a major player in reducing its environmental footprint and halting global warming.

Ladhani underscores the interconnectivity of the company’s goals linked to water, packaging and climate, emphasising the possibility to minimise the carbon footprint through the formation of a circular economy for packaging.

In addition to the 12 already in place, SLMG intends to build 20 more Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) in Agra in order to meet its aggressive sustainability goals. The corporation prioritises the adoption of renewable energy solutions and plans to use solar energy to meet 70 per cent of its electrical needs.

In addition, SLMG wants to increase the number of electric cars (EVs) in its fleet from 2,000 to 5,000 by 2025 and then strive to reach 10,000 EVs by 2027. As part of this expansion, larger electric vehicles (EVs) will be acquired for distribution and warehousing, in line with the worldwide movement towards sustainable mobility.

Coca-Cola Bottler Allocates INR 100 Crore For Sustainability Initiatives

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Coca-Cola Bottler Allocates INR 100 Crore For Sustainability Initiatives

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