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COP28: Permanent Committee For Human Rights Holds Event Highlighting Links Between Climate Change, Gender-based Violence

Jamal Al Musharakh,  emphasised the importance of women’s role and gender equality in climate action. The UAE also submits a draft resolution on girls’ education to the Human Rights Council   The Permanent Committee for Human Rights in the UAE, in cooperation and partnership with the General Women’s Union and the UN Women Liaison Office for […]

“It Is The Beginning Of The End” For Fossil Fuels

The negotiators have shown global solidarity and conveyed a clear message that significant reductions in emissions and increased financing are crucial for achieving a sustainable future for all    The 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) closed with an agreement that paves the way for a quick, fair, and just transition to clean energy, marking the […]

COP28 Presidency Introduces Landmark Initiatives Accelerating Energy Transition

At the World Climate Action Summit, COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber on Saturday unveiled the Global Decarbonisation Accelerator (GDA) a series of landmark initiatives designed to speed up the energy transition and drastically reduce global emissions   The GDA is focused on three key pillars: methane and other non-CO2 greenhouse gases (GHGs); rapidly scaling the energy […]

COP28 Presidency Reveals Investcorp Collaboration With Innovate For Climate Tech Coalition

The ‘Climate Solutions Investment Platform’ will provide growth capital to companies that provide products, services, and technologies that drive decarbonisation and address the impacts of climate change   The COP28 Presidency revealed the USD 750 million Climate Solutions Investment Platform announced by Investcorp, an alternative investment management firm, as part of its collaboration with ‘Innovate […]

COP28 Presidency Host Day To Drive Action To Support World’s Most Vulnerable 

The COP28 Presidency on December 3 enshrines a collective commitment to increase investment and actions to drive resilience in countries and communities affected by conflict, fragility or humanitarian crisis    On the COP28 Presidency on December 3 formally unveiled endorsements of its COP28 UAE Declaration on Climate, Relief, Recovery and Peace (the Declaration), as part of its […]

Agreement On Loss And Damage Deal Reached On Day 1 Of COP28

Fund to help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries hit by climate disaster is the first decision agreed upon at the conference In a significant move during the first day of COP28, participating countries took an important step by agreeing to operationalise the ‘Loss and Damage Fund’, addressing the critical issue of vulnerable countries […]

UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber Takes Helm As COP28 President, Inaugurates Climate Talks With Gavel Handover From Egypt

      UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, Sultan Al Jaber, has officially opened the COP28 climate talks and assumed the role of COP28 President in the formal passing of the gavel from his predecessor, COP27 President Sameh Shoukry. “As I today perform my very last duty as COP President, as Egypt hands over […]

UAE Planned To Use COP28 To Make Oil Deals, Leaked Notes Suggest

The UAE plans to use its position as the host of COP28 to bring up new oil and gas deals with foreign governments, according to a cache of leaked documents published by the UK-registered Centre for Climate Reporting    The documents, published by the UK-registered Centre for Climate Reporting, appear to be briefing notes for Sultan […]

Heat Is On UAE To Deliver At COP28

As the eighth-largest global oil producer, the UAE faces the dilemma of transitioning away from high-emission fuels while being among the highest per capita emitters globally To achieve climate goals, nations must significantly increase their ambition levels promptly. The upcoming COP28, hosted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), will be crucial in addressing the challenge […]

OPEC Gains Prominence at COP28, Signals Oil Industry’s Involvement in Climate Debate

This year’s international gathering to tackle the climate crisis will for the first time have a major presence by an organization that sees oil demand rising to mid-century. For the first time, an organisation that anticipates a rise in oil demand through the middle of the century will have a significant representation at this year’s […]