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Swasthya Bharat Abhiyaan: Fuelling Mission LiFE

Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) at the Statue of Unity in Gujarat last year. Mission LiFE is expected to be an India-led global movement that will nudge individuals for a collective action to protect and preserve the environment.

Parliamentarians from G20 countries and guest countries, including the newly inducted African Union, came together at the International Convention Centre, Dwarka, Delhi, on October 12, 2023, to deliberate on the lifestyles that needed to be adopted for the future of the planet. On October 17, 2023, the Ambassador of India to Armenia and Georgia inaugurated a photo exhibition by renowned conservationist Vivek Menon, organised by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and the Embassy of India in Armenia under Mission LiFE, highlighting the importance of conservation and sustainable lifestyle.

While Mission LiFE intends to encourage Swachhata Abhiyaan, we should not forget that the positive outcomes of the Abhiyan also take care of our ‘Swasthya’. However, it needs collaborative efforts and active community participation.

Let’s at least remind ourselves of the basics of inclusive and sustainable development, particularly focusing on awareness for climate action. Here are the top seven fundamental points that we should prioritise:

  1. Overall Focus:
  • The central theme should be inclusive and sustainable development.
  • Activism for climate action should be a primary focus.
  1. Green Campus and Plastic-Free Initiatives:
  • Emphasise should be on the importance of a plastic-free and green campus.
  • Educational institutions should be encouraged to actively promote sustainable practices.
  1. Rural Development and Empowerment:
  • There should be a stress on the need for sustainable rural development.
  • Encouragement for rural empowerment and economic upliftment should be lifted.
  1. Awareness and Activism:
  • Foster meaningful conversations on inclusive development and sustainable practices.
  • Encourage individuals and institutions to take concrete actions for an environmentally responsible and socially inclusive future.
  1. Environmental Laws and Corporate Accountability:
  • Focus on the importance of environmental laws and regulatory frameworks.
  • Emphasise the role of corporate accountability in sustainable practices.
  1. Plantation Drive:
  • Encourage plantation drives at educational institutions.
  • Symbolize commitment to sustainable practices and raising awareness for climate action.
  1. Collaborative Efforts for Positive Change:
  • Emphasise collaborative efforts and active community participation.
  • Acknowledge the positive change brought about by the collective efforts, highlighting the potential for impactful and sustainable development.

In a nutshell, we should focus on a holistic approach to development that integrates environmental sustainability, social inclusivity, and effective governance.

About the Author: Dr. Anil Agrawal, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Swasthya Bharat Abhiyaan: Fuelling Mission LiFE

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Swasthya Bharat Abhiyaan: Fuelling Mission LiFE

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