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Indian Companies Secure Agreements At POWERGEN Expo In The United States

Indian companies are actively seeking business and collaboration opportunities in the power generation sector, showcasing their capabilities and entering into partnerships with global entities at the ongoing POWERGEN International Expo in the United States. The expo, taking place from January 23 to 25, is organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) with the support of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

With a strong representation of 18 participants from the power generation, distribution, and utility sector, the Indian pavilion was inaugurated by DC Manjunath, Consul General of India in Houston, and Sandipan Aich, Senior Executive Officer at ICC. Numerous collaborations have been formalised between Indian and American companies during the expo.

Sandipan highlighted some of the collaborations, stating, “IOW Group and Reverso Pumps LLC in the US have joined hands with CBS Technologies from India. Danefoam Technologies from Miami, US, will be sourcing firefighting foam and equipment from Integrated Fire Protection Pvt in Kolkata.” Pune-based Steam Equipments has signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with Texas-based EPC Industries Inc and Chicago-based Tek-trol Technology Solutions.

Consul General Manjunath engaged in discussions with industry leaders, gaining insights into the sustainable future and cutting-edge technology. Expressing enthusiasm, he stated, “Delighted to visit the India Pavilion at the POWERGEN International Expo where major powergen players are participating and showcasing their product line, along with top international companies from around the world. The expo provides immense potential for Indian companies to participate in the power generation industry in the US,” he told according to media reports.

Sandipan emphasised that the expo serves as a platform for international players to discover India’s cutting-edge innovations in the power industry, facilitating networking with industry leaders and exploring diverse opportunities for collaboration.


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Indian Companies Secure Agreements At POWERGEN Expo In The United States

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Indian Companies Secure Agreements At POWERGEN Expo In The United States

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