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BW Businessworld’s Latest Issue Decodes Global Bond Markets’ Bearish Message For Indian Stocks

The issue looks at what’s in store for D-street bulls as they come to terms with the US Federal Reserve’s “higher for longer” stance on interest rates


BW Businessworld, in its latest issue, dated November 18, 2023, offers comprehensive insights into the current trajectory of stock prices in India as D-street bulls come to terms with the US Federal Reserve’s “higher for longer” stance on key interest rates and how global bond markets are giving a bearish message. The issue offers a treasure trove of thought-provoking columns by industry experts, exclusive interviews, and in-depth features that shed light on the business landscape of the country.


Stock Market Trends: A Closer Look

The cover story of this issue delves into the intriguing question of the direction of stock prices in India. Despite weathering challenges such as oil price shocks, geopolitical tensions, and natural disasters, the country’s major stock markets, BSE and NSE, witnessed a sudden downturn in October. The article explores the potential end of the bull run that commenced in 2020 and raises questions about the fate of the upcoming wave of initial public offerings (IPOs).

This issue analyses market trends, providing insights into why a pause in the bull market might be on the horizon. The geopolitical landscape, including ongoing regional conflicts and the strategy of the United States Federal Reserve to combat inflation, is discussed as crucial factors influencing market dynamics.


Transforming Urban Travel 

In addition to the financial market analysis, the issue also delves into the urban transportation overhaul in India and its transformative impact on air, road, and rail travel. An exclusive interview with Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia sheds light on the potential of the aviation market. The feature explores the paradigm shift brought about by the Namo Bharat Train, inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi in October, with insights from Vinay Kumar Singh, Managing Director of National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC).

Singh provides a detailed roadmap for operationalising the complete stretch between Delhi and Meerut and the non-fare-box revenue streams explored by NCRTC. The discussion underscores the crucial role of railways in addressing India’s urban transportation challenges and stresses the ongoing necessity for urban transport infrastructure development to effectively manage India’s rapid urbanisation.


Recognising Financial Excellence

A special section of the magazine is dedicated to showcasing the achievements of the most promising young Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). The BW CFO World Finance 40 Under 40 Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions and accomplishments of financial leaders under the age of 40. This recognition platform honours individuals in the finance domain whose strategies have been acknowledged as transformational.

In the ‘Last Word’ column, Vipin Rana, the CEO of ExxonMobil Lubricants India, discussed the close relationship between the lubricant industry and a country’s economic activity. Rana emphasised that as the Indian economy experiences growth, the lubricant industry sees definitive opportunities for expansion. He highlighted the role of technological innovation and significant productivity gains as key drivers of growth in the lubricant sector.

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About BW Businessworld

BW Businessworld, with its 43 years of legacy, is the fastest-growing 360-degree business media house in India. With a network spanning 23 niche business communities and 10 magazines, BW Businessworld is proud to be entrenched in various verticals in the domestic as well as global business, that organize conferences and forums to facilitate interaction between sectoral business leaders and create a conducive environment for collaboration. All BW issues are also fully digitally covered, including online stories and video stories and eMagazine is also available for every issue.

BW Businessworld’s Latest Issue Decodes Global Bond Markets’ Bearish Message For Indian Stocks

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