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Advocacy For Recycling As A Catalyst For Sustainable Economic Expansion

2024 will be the year in which India’s newly introduced reforms will propel it into a growth trajectory exceeding 8 per cent to cross $4 trillion [EUR 3.6 trillion] GDP


In Kolkata, Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI’s) annual international conference and exhibition, drawing over 2,000 delegates from 35+ countries and 200 exhibitors, has sounded a call for heightened emphasis on recycling. Themed ‘Recycling Industry Transition Towards Vision 2047,’ the three-day event is dedicated to formulating a roadmap for India to achieve its Vision 2047, emphasizing sustainable consumption, production patterns, and environmental minimization.

MRAI President Sanjay Mehta, addressing the gathering, anticipates a robust growth trajectory for India, exceeding 8 per cent and surpassing a USD 4 trillion GDP by 2024. However, amidst this growth, he highlights pressing challenges such as climate change, pollution, and depleting natural resources. Mehta underscores the necessity for India to adopt sustainable production and consumption, including a mandated minimum content of recyclable material, effective waste management and a scientific approach to recycling.

Noting India’s potential to lead in recycling due to its vast population and growing awareness of sustainability, Mehta stresses the importance of resource efficiency and promoting the circular economy. The recycling industry, beyond job creation, plays a vital role in mitigating environmental impact and contributing to economic growth.

The MRAI conference, exploring topics like the circular economy, net zero emissions, raw material security, zero import duties on non-ferrous metal scrap, and innovative technology, serves as a platform for in-depth discussions on steering India toward sustainable practices amidst its burgeoning economic ascent.

Advocacy For Recycling As A Catalyst For Sustainable Economic Expansion

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Advocacy For Recycling As A Catalyst For Sustainable Economic Expansion

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