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One Advice For Sustainability Is Micro-Management

Sustainability leaders advised the industry to micro-manage their energy needs and urged them to set small progressive goals to meet the net carbon neutrality goals.  


In the ever-evolving landscape of global industries, sustainability has emerged as the buzzword, echoing across various sectors. Both international and national players have pledged to curtail their carbon footprints, recognising the importance of depleting natural resources, rising temperatures, and the ongoing dependence on fossil fuels.

A robust shift toward sustainability has been initiated, particularly by business and commercial entities, responsible for a substantial 55 per cent of energy consumption. This transformative journey is tougher as supply chains need to be maintained strong without delay in commitments to carbon neutrality.

Chandani Khosla, a sustainability finance expert, highlighting the critical nature of this transition, pointed out the importance of balancing the adoption without disturbing supply chains and emphasised on the need for seamless integration of green energy.

“The collective commitment by businesses has led the way to the emergence of startups and dedicated business divisions specifically focused on neutralising supply chain carbon emissions”, she added.

Bimal Jindal, the Chief Operating Officer at Welspun, said “The pursuit of carbon neutrality has become a competitive task for every industry”. “What was once considered an expenditure is now viewed as a pathway to profitability”, he added.

He further said that industries are strategically embracing sustainability not only to align with global environmental goals but also to reduce their energy expenses significantly.

The momentum of industry adoption towards green energies is robust, but it encounters minor roadblocks that are curtailing round-the-clock energy supply in India where the industry currently lacks energy storage systems. Addressing this concern Sindhu Sharma said, “There are gaps in sustainable ecosystem which may become challenges in future”.

Kartikeya Narayana Sharma, Co-founder and CSO of Sunsure Energy, speaking about the evolution of the sustainability industry, cited the catalytical role of corporate responsibility and favourable government policies as key motivators for industry investment in the sustainable sector.

Despite acknowledging the challenges. Sustainability leaders at the BW Businessworld 5th edition Sustainable Conclave collectively advised the industries to micro-manage their energy needs and urged them to set small progressive goals to meet net carbon neutrality.

One Advice For Sustainability Is Micro-Management

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