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New EV Policy In Works, Talks On With Global Carmakers: Official 

The government is actively engaging with both domestic and international stakeholders to formulate a policy aimed at boosting the local production of electric vehicles (EVs). Discussions are underway to involve potential investors from countries like Germany, the UK and South Korea 

 An official stated according to media reports on Thursday that the administration is actively working with both local and international players to create a strategy targeted at increasing local manufacture of electric cars (EVs). The government is looking for possible investors from important countries including Germany, the UK and South Korea to promote cooperation. The source emphasised that negotiations are still on to gain the approval of all participating nations. Interestingly, rumours have it that India and well-known electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla are currently in talks about setting up a production facility in India.

The source underlined that the intended EV policy is intended to foster an atmosphere that is advantageous for Indian automakers in addition to drawing in international investment. This calculated tactic fits in with the government’s overarching plan to boost domestic manufacturing and encourage the expansion of the electric vehicle sector.

New EV Policy In Works, Talks On With Global Carmakers: Official 

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