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Climate Crisis May Cause 14.5 Million Deaths by 2050

A new World Economic Forum report, published today, warns that by 2050 climate change may cause an additional 14.5 million deaths and $12.5 trillion in economic losses worldwide. Despite the stark findings, there is still time for global stakeholders to take decisive, strategic action to counter these forecasts and mitigate the health impacts of climate […]

Smart And Fast Public Policy and Value Chain Collaboration Need Of The Hour: Says First Movers Coalition at WEF 2024

2024 marks the year of a conundrum on government continuity, which is imperative for building an economy that can operate on low or zero carbon. And to ensure we achieve a fair and equitable economy, we need smart public policy: Rachel Kyte, Visiting Professor of Practice, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford   Temperatures […]