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Bengaluru Apartments Recycle 1 Lakh Litres Of Wastewater Daily

Apartments opt for Boson Whitewater’s 11-step water recycling process to convert STP-treated wastewater into clean water

As water scarcity remains a pressing issue in many parts of the city, numerous residential communities are taking steps to address the challenge by implementing initiatives for potable water recovery from wastewater. One such initiative gaining traction is the 11-step water recycling technology developed by city-based company Boson Whitewater, which effectively converts lakhs of litres of wastewater into clean, reusable water daily.

Among the residential communities embracing this solution is Pramuk Aqua Heights Apartments in Electronic City. With over 300 flats and 1500 residents, the community faced excess STP treated water. Now, they convert 40,000 litres of STP treated water into clean water daily. Similarly, SJR Verity in Sarjapur Road has been recycling water for years, converting 60,000 litres of STP treated water into clean water daily for its 200 flats and 1000 residents.

Vikas Brahmavar, CEO and Co-Founder of Boson Whitewater, highlighted the importance of water sustainability in rapidly growing cities, especially amidst acute water shortages during summer. He noted the surge in inquiries from apartment communities eager to adopt their solution, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing water conservation and exploring innovative avenues for wastewater utilization.

In addition to wastewater recycling, Boson Whitewater assists apartments in managing their excess water sustainably, addressing challenges posed by the ‘Zero Discharge Policy.’ Many apartments struggle to use all their treated wastewater, leading to excess water. With recycling, the unused portion can be converted into high-quality potable water, offering a sustainable solution for nearby industries and contributing to water conservation efforts.

Bengaluru Apartments Recycle 1 Lakh Litres Of Wastewater Daily

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