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Urban Mining Emerges As Crucial Solution For Sustainable Resource Management

Experts stress the urgency of urban mining for sustainable resource management, emphasising responsible consumption.   Humankind now understands that it is crucial to recognise limited resources and the need to preserve them for future generations.   The concept of urban mining is apt, especially in the context of the heavy reliance on electronics.   Dr […]

Transforming Plastic Waste: A Collaborative Approach towards Sustainable Solutions

Unveiling the path to environmental harmony through joint efforts from organizations through CSR, local communities, and consumers   In a recent panel discussion on plastic waste management, industry leaders shed light on the imperative requirement for collaboration among stakeholders to address the escalating concerns surrounding plastic pollution. Angad Khanna, Waste Warrior from the Waste Warriors […]

Global Plastic Treaty: UN Assembly’s Landmark Resolution Gains Traction, Sets Path For 2025 Activation

Sameer Joshi, a polymer technologist, provides insight into the UN’s comprehensive approach to addressing the plastic life cycle   In March 2022, during the fifth session of the UN Environment Assembly, the Global Plastic Treaty took centre stage, drawing attention from 175 out of 193 countries present.  Sameer Joshi, Vice-Chairman of the Indian Plastics Institute […]

We Will Definitely Make India A Smartphone Manufacturing Hub: Sandip Chatterjee, Meity

Chatterjee pointed out that affordable technology is what Meity is focussing upon   The Jan-dhan, Aadhar and mobile (Jam trinity) cannot be achieved to their full capacity until there is a sufficient number of smartphones. The month of December has seen the most number of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) transactions in a single day. This […]

Beyond Waste: Unveiling Circular Innovations in Sustainability

An exclusive event organised by BW Businessworld with prominent industry speakers held in Delhi outlined the innovations of sustainability in building a greener planet.   Dr Suneel Pandey, Director-Environment & Waste Management, TERI, commenced the discussion and delved into the concept of the circular economy, a paradigm focused on eliminating waste through strategic design. This […]

Effective Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Strategies: Driving Sustainable Product Lifecycle Management

Experts stress about promoting environmental accountability and sustainable practices in manufacturing   In today’s environmentally conscious world, effective Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) strategies are gaining increasing attention. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a principle that holds manufacturers responsible for the environmental impact of their products throughout their entire lifecycle. Sanchita Jindal, Former Adviser (Scientist G), […]

Harness Energy & Resources Correctly For Sustainable Future: Expert

To make world a better place, we must worry about harnessing energy and resources correctly   Sustainability, in its widest meaning, is the capacity to sustain or continue a process over an extended period of time. Sustainability in commercial and policy contexts aims to keep natural or physical resources from running out so they can […]

Global Waste Crisis Exposed: 100 Companies Blamed For Over 90% Of Pollution; ESG Mandate To Reshape Corporate Accountability

As Environmental concerns escalate, new ESG regulations are set to reshape the corporate responsibility landscape worldwide   In a study conducted by the Plastic Waste Maker’s Index, it has been revealed that a mere 100 companies worldwide contribute to over 90 per cent of the planet’s plastic waste. Further analysis indicates that a staggering 55 […]

Divya Datt, PMO, UNEP

Addressing The Menace Of Plastics: Insights From Divya Datt, Programme Manager At UNEP India

Divya Datt, Programme Management Officer at UNEP speaks on the global battle against plastic pollution In a compelling session, Divya Datt, Programme Management Officer at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) India, provided profound insights into the global battle against plastic pollution. Datt began by acknowledging the severity of the plastic crisis, stressing its pervasive […]

Eco Change Makers

Celebrating The Eco ChangeMakers 2024 – Recycling For A Greener Tomorrow

BWSustainabilityWorld organized the 2nd Edition of the Recycling For A Greener Tomorrow Conclave & Awards in New Delhi. The awards ceremony honoured champions of the recycling and waste management industry in various categories, thoughtfully crafted to highlight the intersections between individuals, organizations, and environmental elements. The awards aimed to acknowledge those making impactful contributions to […]