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“Clean Air On Horizon: The Revolution in Sustainable Transportation”

Small behavioural changes with respect to our transportation habits can make a significant impact on the environment, say Experts

Transformation in the transportation sector is the need of the hour given the amount of pollution that is increasing in the environment. Global warming and carbon emissions need to be reduced considerably in order to ensure a healthy environment for everyone. Transport and commutation in India is a feudal issue which has a lot to do with our behaviour and psyche.

Sudhir Mishra, Founder & Managing Partner, of Trust Legal, Noted Environmental Lawyer said that the need to protect the environment should become a political issue.”In 2022, Delhi has better air. A report was prepared on this but it was not released,” Mishra added.

Dr. Pallavi Pant, Head of Global Health, Health Effects Institute said that air pollution continues to be a problem in Delhi NCR but we know about it because we are able to monitor it. “Despite seeming that there has not been significant action but there have been few things wherein India has made progress, particularly in the transportation sector. First is the introduction of tighter vehicle emission standards. India, by taking this decision, has moved forward and created an example for other countries,” she added.

Swayantani Ghosh, Associate Vice President – Sustainability & CSR, Mahindra Logistics said that medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks also cause a lot of emissions which contributes 10-12 per cent to road transport pollution which is huge.

“There are various layers to pollution. In terms of the context of energy transition factor, electricity will be a good pillar but it will have its own limitations, like charging infrastructure. Another issue is range anxiety. When we talk about transport, it is a long-term roadmap with a lot of stakeholders in the picture,” Ghosh added.

Sidharth Dixit, Managing Director, Amida Cleantech highlighted that the primary reason for saving the environment is building a healthy life. “We need to keep focussing on the function, we will reach there,” said Dixit.

He further said that lifestyle changes will bring about immense changes in the environment.

Tanya Singhal, Founder, MynzoCarbon said that ten per cent of the Indian emissions come from transport. “When we take a 100-kilometre car ride, it’s like chopping down a tree because that’s the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by a tree in a year. We need to make subtle changes in our behaviour. Relationships will not be harmed if we do a meeting virtually. The problem is self-created and it requires mindfulness to solve it,” Tanya added.

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