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Himachal Pradesh Takes Initiative In Fossil Fuel Reduction, States Chief Minister

The State Government is also strengthening the infrastructure for green mobility and six green corridors will be completed by the end of this current financial year


In an earlier statement, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu emphasised the important effects of the state’s initiative to adopt electric cars (EVs). Sukhu emphasised the achievement of the state’s transport department’s introduction of 19 electric vehicles, saying that these EVs have not only changed the game for the environment but have also produced significant cost savings of Rs 28 lakh in only a single year.

The transport department of Himachal Pradesh is quite proud of becoming the first in the nation to adopt electric vehicles, which is a significant step in the state’s environmental sustainability. The implementation of electric vehicles (EVs) in 12 Regional Transport Offices and the transport directorate has resulted in noticeable advantages. The state exchequer has saved a substantial amount of money due to the replacement of fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

In Shimla town, Sukhu, who drives an e-vehicle himself, endorsed the state government’s plan for a green revolution. The objective is to encourage the broad use of electric vehicles and establish Himachal Pradesh as a leader in environmentally friendly transportation. Sukhu restated the government’s resolve to promote environmentally friendly transport practices, combat air pollution, especially in cities, and lessen carbon emissions, all of which will improve public health.In addition to effectively integrating EVs, the state administration is also putting a lot of effort into strengthening the infrastructure for green mobility. By the end of the current fiscal year, six green corridors are intended to be completed. The main objective is to lessen the state’s dependency on imported fossil fuels. The vision is to create a future where sustainable transit and breathtaking views of the Himalayas live harmoniously.

Himachal Pradesh Takes Initiative In Fossil Fuel Reduction, States Chief Minister

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