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Vizag Port Sets Ambitious Target of 80 MT, Focuses On Record Growth And Sustainability In 2023-24

The Vizag Port Authority (VPA) Chairman M Angamuthu aims to handle 80 million tonnes in fiscal year 2023-24, an 8 per cent  increase from the previous year 


The Chairman of the Vizag Port Authority (VPA), M Angamuthu, has set an ambitious goal to handle 80 million tonnes of cargo in the fiscal year 2023–2024 in an effort to achieve record-breaking growth and sustainability. This is an 8 per cent  rise over the same period last year, moving the port up to the third rank among the nation’s major ports. Chairman Angamuthu expressed confidence in attaining the historic milestone of 80 million tonnes, a first in the 90-year history of the Vizag Port, with just three months left in the fiscal year. In addition, he sees 100 million tonnes of cargo handled at the port in the upcoming years.

Notably, 73.73 million tonnes were handled by the Vizag Port the year before. The port has already handled 60.02 million tonnes of cargo as of December 2023. 22.04 per cent  of coal, 22.8 per cent  of POL, 18.56 per cent  of iron ore, 18.24 per cent  of other cargo, 13.96 per cent  of containers, and 4.36 per cent  of fertilisers are included in the breakdown. Chairman Angamuthu’s pledge is in line with VPA’s goal of improving cargo handling operations, strengthening the company’s standing in the Indian maritime industry.

In his media remarks, Chairman Angamuthu outlined remarkable performance metrics, such as a 9 per cent  increase in cargo volumes and notable decreases in turnaround times, idle time at the berth, and pre-berthing detention. He highlighted how the Visakha Container Terminal is changing, becoming a hub for transshipment throughout the region and seeing an astounding 42 per cent increase in cargo between April and November of 2023.

In addition, the Vizag International Cruise Terminal (VICT) is developing and becoming well-known worldwide. Plans call for major cruise services as well as a large investment of Rs. 1,200 crore. With its notable achievements and strategic plans, the Vizag Port is positioned to be a major participant in India’s marine industry, with prospects for expansion and significance in the years to come.

Vizag Port Sets Ambitious Target of 80 MT, Focuses On Record Growth And Sustainability In 2023-24

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