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India’s Coal-Fired Electricity Output & Emissions Hit Record Highs

India’s coal-fired electricity generation hit an all-time high in January 2024, accounting for 80 percent of its electricity output, tracking a worrying decline in clean energy generation to record lows

India’s coal-fired electricity generation surged to unprecedented levels in January 2024, reaching a peak of 115 terawatt hours (TWh), as reported by energy think tank agency Ember. The dominance of thermal power in the energy mix was stark, constituting 80 percent of the total electricity output for the month, marking a 10 percent increase compared to January 2023 and signaling a concerning trend in the country’s energy landscape. Emissions soared to record highs, underscoring India’s status as the second-largest coal user globally, trailing only behind China.

Conversely, renewable energy sources faced a decline, with solar, wind, and hydro output dropping by 3 percent, 19 percent, and 21.4 percent, respectively. The cumulative clean energy generation hit a low of 26.6 TWh in January, reflecting an 11.2 percent decrease from the same period last year.

Despite this concerning trajectory, the Ember report, cited by Reuters, offers a glimmer of hope for India’s energy transition. Projections indicate that India’s utilities will increasingly integrate clean power into the grid, particularly around August, historically the peak season for solar, wind, and hydro output. This anticipated uptick in renewable energy generation is expected to raise the contribution of clean fuels to India’s total energy mix to a promising 30 percent-32 percent in the third quarter of the year.

However, challenges loom on the horizon, notably the surge in energy demand anticipated during the summer months as urban areas ramp up air conditioning usage to combat rising temperatures. This surge in demand may potentially offset the gains made in clean energy generation, highlighting the ongoing complexities in India’s energy transition efforts.

India’s Coal-Fired Electricity Output & Emissions Hit Record Highs

India’s Renewable Energy Push Gets Boost With

India’s Coal-Fired Electricity Output & Emissions Hit Record Highs

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