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Roadmap For Reduction Of Plastic Waste In India: A Comprehensive Approach

Plastic pollution has emerged as one of the most pressing environmental challenges globally, with India being no exception. Annually, India generates approximately 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste, exacerbating ecological degradation and posing risks to human health. Recognising the urgency of addressing this issue, the Government of India has committed to mitigating plastic waste challenges […]

Steel Sector Embarks On Circular Economy Journey

In the evolving landscape of environmental consciousness, the steel industry is undergoing a significant transformation to embrace sustainable practices This shift towards a more eco-friendly approach involves the adoption of circular economy principles, aiming to reshape production processes and foster responsible industrial practices. Central to this transformation is the concept of a circular economy, which […]

Beyond Waste: Unveiling Circular Innovations in Sustainability

An exclusive event organised by BW Businessworld with prominent industry speakers held in Delhi outlined the innovations of sustainability in building a greener planet.   Dr Suneel Pandey, Director-Environment & Waste Management, TERI, commenced the discussion and delved into the concept of the circular economy, a paradigm focused on eliminating waste through strategic design. This […]

Embracing A Circular Economy For Unleashing Economic Potential

The global economy, as highlighted in the Circle Economy Foundation’s “Circularity Gap Report 2024,” is currently only 7.2 per cent circular, indicating untapped economic potential in this transformative shift In the imperative shift from fossil fuels to renewables, equal attention is being directed towards embracing circularity as a key sustainability strategy. Sustainable material management is […]

Advocacy For Recycling As A Catalyst For Sustainable Economic Expansion

2024 will be the year in which India’s newly introduced reforms will propel it into a growth trajectory exceeding 8 per cent to cross $4 trillion [EUR 3.6 trillion] GDP   In Kolkata, Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI’s) annual international conference and exhibition, drawing over 2,000 delegates from 35+ countries and 200 exhibitors, has […]

Tackling E-Waste: Promoting The Idea Of Refurbished Electronics Early Will Aid In Building A Circular Economy

During/post-pandemic, the larger population realised the potential of laptops and handheld devices. With the growing dependency on the device owing to an increase in work, study, and entertainment from home, the industry saw an uptick in sales. On breaking down the purchase pattern to understand consumer behaviour we realized that even though people are opting […]