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Mahindra Susten Attains Water Positivity Certification

As per TUV India’s evaluation, Susten’s +1.5 GW renewable energy portfolio commands a score of 15 (positive) on the Water Footprint Index, implying that water recharged is 15 times more than what was consumed 

 During the evaluation year FY23, Mahindra Susten—a well-known independent power producer focused on renewable energy and engineering, procurement and construction—achieved the highly sought-after ‘Water Positive Verification’ accreditation for its whole operational portfolio. This award, from TUV India (TÜV NORD GROUP), demonstrates Susten’s commitment to water resource conservation and planet-positive projects. After a thorough assessment that included project locations in five states—Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh—the accreditation was granted.

According to TUV India’s assessment, Mahindra Susten’s portfolio of renewable energy, which amounts to more than 1.5 GW, achieved a score of 15 (positive) on the Water Footprint Index. This shows that the amount of refilled water is fifteen times greater than what is used.

Understanding that the solar industry has historically required a lot of water, Mahindra Susten implemented a calculated three-step plan to improve its ranking on the water footprint index. First and foremost, it used water piping systems, cutting-edge module cleaning brushes and premium water spray pumps to minimise water usage. Second, by investing in cutting-edge technologies like dry cleaner robots, the company was able to completely eliminate the need for water for module cleaning. Currently, these robots are used in 63 per cent of the portfolio, saving around 67 million litres of water annually, or enough to cover 50,000 people’s basic water needs for a whole year. Finally, Mahindra Susten introduced sustainable methods, such as artificial recharge ponds and rainfall harvesting recharge pits in groundwater recharge systems. This well-rounded strategy highlights the business’s dedication to environmental sustainability and fits in with its efforts to support the Mahindra Group’s broader objective of attaining planet positivity by 2040.

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