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Climate Justice Is The Guiding Principle In The Fight Against Climate Change – Jagdeep Dhankar, Vice President of India

Stressing its crucial role in addressing the disproportionate impact on vulnerable communities, Jagdeep Dhankhar advocates climate justice as a guiding principle in the climate change battle


At the World Sustainable Development Summit hosted by TERI, Vice President of India Jagdeep Dhankhar emphasised the critical role of climate justice in combating climate change. He underscored the disproportionate impact of environmental degradation on vulnerable communities, advocating for a paradigm shift towards inclusive and sustainable development.

“Climate justice should be the North Star guiding our efforts against climate change,” remarked Dhankhar, stressing the need for global leadership to prioritise environmental protection and climate justice. He highlighted India’s proactive stance in environmental conservation, positioning the nation as a front-runner in global efforts for sustainability.

Dhankhar lauded India’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship, citing the country’s rich tradition of eco-friendly practices. He suggested that India’s experience could offer valuable insights to the world in adopting inclusive development models that prioritise environmental sustainability.

Amid growing concerns over climate change, Dhankhar’s call for climate justice resonates strongly, advocating for an approach that prioritizes the needs of the most vulnerable. As nations grapple with the challenges posed by environmental degradation, Dhankhar’s message serves as a reminder of the urgency to integrate climate justice into all levels of decision-making.

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