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Delhi’s Pollution Crisis Puts Informal Sector Employees At Risk Of Job Loss And Health Hazards

Construction workers comprised the majority of informal settlement residents surveyed at 46.6 per cent, followed by waste pickers at 10.2 per cent and street vendors at 6.9 per cent   Saroj, a 55-year-old construction worker living near the Bakkarwala landfill site, embodies the challenges faced by informal sector workers amid Delhi’s escalating air pollution crisis. With frequent construction bans […]

Post-Diwali Smog Engulfs Delhi-NCR, Air Quality Deteriorates Despite Temporary Respite

Diwali Celebrations Contribute to Worsening Air Quality in Delhi-NCR, Rainfall Offers Temporary Relief   Delhi and its adjoining National Capital Region (NCR) woke up to a thick layer of smog on Monday morning, a consequence of Diwali celebrations that involved widespread cracker bursting, exacerbating the already compromised air quality. Social media was flooded with images […]

Delhi’s Average AQI Clocked 454: CPCB

At 5 AM on 5 November, the average Air Quality Index (AQI) for Delhi had clocked 454, which escalated to 463 at 3 PM due to the continued unfavourable meteorological and climatic conditions Delhi’s average AQI clocked 454 as per the daily AQI Bulletin provided by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on 5 November. […]