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Nominations Deadline Approaching for the Sustainable World Awards

Celebrate Sustainability Excellence at the Sustainable World Awards

Time is running out to nominate the champions of sustainability for the esteemed Sustainable World Awards, set to take place at the Sustainable World Conclave in Mumbai on the 21st of November. We are excited to announce that the nomination deadline, November 6, 2023, is fast approaching.

The Sustainable World Awards serve as a beacon of recognition for outstanding individuals, organizations, and initiatives that are propelling us toward a more sustainable world. We are on the lookout for visionaries who are pioneering innovative solutions, championing environmental stewardship, and upholding social responsibility while fostering sustainable practices across diverse sectors. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary efforts that are shaping a brighter future for both people and the planet.

Awards Categories

  1. BW Sustainability World Business Person of the Year
  2. BW Sustainability World Lifetime Achievement Award
  3. India’s Most Sustainable Business of the Year
  4. India’s Best Circular Economy Champion
  5. India’s Most Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative
  6. India’s Most Green Building
  7. India’s Most Sustainable Start-up of the Year
  8. India’s Most Eco-Friendly Product
  9. India’s Most Green Campus
  10. India’s Most Innovative Sustainability Project
  11. India’s Most Water-Efficient Organization
  12. India’s Most Innovative ESG Financing Solution of the Year

Deadline for Nominations: November 6, 2023

Nomination Process

  1. Fill out the Online Nomination Form.
  2. Attach the supporting documents.
  3. Submit and complete the Payment.

The Winners will be unveiled during the Sustainable World Conclave Mumbai on the 21st of November.

Don’t miss this chance to nominate the sustainability champions who are driving positive change and leading us towards a more sustainable world. Together, let’s recognize and celebrate their remarkable contributions.

For more information and to submit your nominations, please visit https://bwevents.co.in/bw/the-sustainable-world-conclave-mumbai/

About the Sustainable World Conclave & Awards

The Sustainable World Conclave is a prestigious event that brings together visionaries, innovators, and leaders in sustainability to discuss and promote sustainable practices across various sectors. It serves as a platform for networking and sharing insights, fostering collaborations, and recognizing excellence in sustainability. The Awards are an integral part of this initiative, honouring those who are making a real difference in our world.

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