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CMAI Collaborates With VCMI To Enhance Carbon Credit Trading Landscape In India

The collaboration focuses on supporting stakeholders in expanding carbon finance activities across key sectors in India 

The Carbon Markets Association of India (CMAI) and the London-based Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Initiative (VCMI) have teamed in a calculated effort to support carbon credit trading in India. According to a recent statement from CMAI, the partnership intends to offer thorough assistance to all parties participating in the carbon credit trading process, encompassing everything from project registration to transparent credit trading.

The agreement emphasises CMAI and VCMI’s combined efforts to develop a supportive atmosphere for high-integrity voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) in India. Attracting private investments that support national and subnational socioeconomic and climate policy agendas is the main objective. The aforementioned collaboration highlights the dedication to cultivating an open and responsible carbon credit trading market.

The partnership will specifically focus on assisting stakeholders in expanding carbon financing initiatives throughout important Indian industries. Operating as a global non-profit in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement, VCMI contributes its experience to support the growth of high-integrity voluntary carbon markets.

A variety of services are provided by CMAI, a strategic alliance made up of business professionals with a focus on carbon offset solutions. These services include policy research and advocacy, creative interventions, capacity building, community activities, and collaborations. Through this agreement, CMAI is positioned as a major participant in the effort to improve the legitimacy and efficacy of carbon credit trading, highlighting the significance of coordinating these programmes with more general socioeconomic and climate goals.

With a view on luring investments that support India’s socioeconomic and climatic priorities, CMAI and VCMI are collaborating to develop sustainable practices in carbon credit trading. This cooperative endeavour is indicative of a larger trend in which industry participants are joining forces to manage the intricacies of carbon markets and advance ethical and open trading methods.

CMAI Collaborates With VCMI To Enhance Carbon Credit Trading Landscape In India

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