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Demand Grows For Green Skills

70 per cent of employers express an urgent need to hire or have plans to recruit green talent, specifically individuals possessing sustainability skills in renewable energy, manufacturing, operations, and IT


A recent report from ManpowerGroup sheds light on a notable surge in the demand for green skills, revealing a scenario where the demand for talent in sustainability surpasses the available pool of qualified individuals. This trend, unprecedented in nature, highlights a pressing need for companies to recruit individuals equipped with sustainability skills to meet ambitious environmental targets.

According to the report, a substantial 70 per cent of employers express urgency in hiring or have concrete plans to recruit green talent, specifically seeking individuals with sustainability skills in renewable energy, manufacturing, operations, and IT. Riccardo Barberis, President of ManpowerGroup Northern Europe Region, underscores the crucial role of workforce development in achieving net-zero strategies, stating that investments in green technology are only effective if accompanied by proper skilling and reskilling efforts.

The report, based on surveys involving nearly 39,000 employers and over 5,000 workers globally, underscores a widening skills gap, the imperative of climate action, and various obstacles impeding progress. Despite the escalating demand for sustainability skills, the report reveals that only 1 in 8 workers possesses more than one green skill, pointing towards an impending talent shortage as companies compete for skilled workers.

Certain industries are particularly active in seeking green talent, with energy and utilities leading the pack at 81 percent, followed by IT (77 percent), financials and real estate (75 per cent), industrials and materials (74 percent), and transport, logistics, and automotive (73 percent) in terms of intentions to hire talent to fulfill sustainability goals.

Talent leaders highlight several barriers to their green transitions, including challenges in finding qualified candidates (44 percent), creating effective reskilling programs (39 per cent), and identifying transferable skills (36 percent).

Sustainability skills are poised to become a focal point in talent acquisition battles this year, triggering a surge in demand for training and professional development. A Salesforce report indicates that most workers perceive minimal investment in sustainability training, while employers face challenges in finding suitable talent to meet their sustainability goals.

In response to these challenges, some sustainability-focused technology businesses are incorporating fulfillment and purpose into their recruitment process, particularly appealing to younger workers seeking meaning in their work. The allure of growth and innovation principles is heightened, especially when companies offer training and upskilling opportunities.

Demand Grows For Green Skills

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