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TiE Delhi-NCR Sparks Sustainability Movement: Summit Unites Innovators for a Greener Future in Sync with India’s ‘Net Zero’ Pledge

The summit reflects TiE Delhi-NCR’s commitment to spotlighting startups that are making significant contributions to the sustainability sector


The Sustainability Summit, aimed at promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly behaviours, was recently held at TiE Delhi-NCR in line with India’s objective to reach Net Zero emissions by 2070. Startup CEOs, investors, legislators, and other important stakeholders gathered at the event to discuss and consider cutting-edge approaches to building a sustainable future.

The company’s commitment to becoming a net-zero enterprise by 2033, including their whole value chain, was stressed by Anjalli Kumar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Zomato. Due to partnerships created by companies connected to networks like TiE Delhi-NCR, she emphasised Zomato’s commitment to switching to 100 per cent electric vehicle (EV) deliveries, with around one in five deliveries in Delhi and Bengaluru already being EV-based.

The conference demonstrates TiE Delhi-NCR’s focus on highlighting startups that are significantly advancing the sustainability industry. The conference covered a range of sustainability-related topics, such as advances in food and water production, sustainable manufacturing, environmental protection, and transportation options. The overarching objective was to balance commercial success with environmental responsibility while generating new business opportunities.

The Lufthansa Group’s Sangeeta Sharma,  General Manager Sales-South Asia, stressed their commitment to sustainability and their goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2050. She discussed the considerable investments made by the Lufthansa Group in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and the purchase of cutting-edge aircraft that will lower emissions by 30 per cent on every flight.

The summit included expert panels with well-known investors and business executives talking about sustainability and its ramifications, providing insights and tactics for a future that is more environmentally friendly. The former chairman and chief executive officer of ICF Global, Sudhakar Kesavan, underlined the necessity for institutional frameworks to teach sustainability at all educational levels and the need of stepping up sustainability initiatives.

According to Geetika Dayal, Executive Director of TiE Delhi-NCR, ecologically friendly and sustainable practices are now crucial considering the effects of climate change on the world as a whole. TiE Delhi-NCR has implemented policies including cutting back on paper use and getting rid of plastic water bottles at conferences. Their dedication to encouraging innovation among startups that might help create a greener and more effective future is further reaffirmed by the Sustainability Summit.

TiE Delhi-NCR Sparks Sustainability Movement: Summit Unites Innovators for a Greener Future in Sync with India’s ‘Net Zero’ Pledge

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