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Airtel Partners With IDEMIA To Introduce Recycled PVC SIM Cards, Reducing Environmental Impact

Bharti Airtel collaborates with IDEMIA Secure Transactions to switch from virgin plastic to recycled PVC SIM cards, aiming to cut down over 165 tonnes of plastic generation annually and slash CO2 emissions by 690 tonnes


In a significant move towards sustainability, Bharti Airtel, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, has introduced its shift from virgin plastic to recycled PVC SIM cards, in collaboration with IDEMIA Secure Transactions. This initiative, a first in India’s telecom industry, is poised to make a substantial environmental impact. By making this transition, Airtel aims to curb the generation of over 165 tonnes of virgin plastic, leading to a reduction of more than 690 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in a single year.

This strategic move underscores Airtel’s commitment to promoting circular business practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Pankaj Miglani, Director of Supply Chain at Bharti Airtel, expressed the company’s dedication to aligning with sustainable measures and contributing to India’s ambition of achieving net zero emissions. The partnership with IDEMIA emphasises their shared commitment to fostering a sustainable future.

Rahul Tandon, Senior VP of Connectivity Services, India, at IDEMIA Secure Transactions, commended Airtel for its proactive approach in reducing its carbon footprint and providing eco-friendly solutions to subscribers. He acknowledged the collaborative effort between the two companies and credited their research and development teams for making such innovations possible.

As part of its sustainability goals, Airtel has pledged to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 50.2 per cent  by FY 2030-31, with FY 2020-21 serving as the base year. Additionally, the company aims to decrease absolute scope 3 GHG emissions by 42 per cent  over the same period. Airtel’s initiatives include promoting energy efficiency, utilising green energy, adopting renewable energy sources, and enhancing waste management practices.

The adoption of recycled PVC SIM cards by Airtel not only marks a significant step towards environmental sustainability but also sets a precedent for other telecom operators to embrace similar practices. With its continued commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, Airtel is poised to lead by example in the Indian telecommunications industry.

Airtel Partners With IDEMIA To Introduce Recycled PVC SIM Cards, Reducing Environmental Impact

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