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Delhi Govt To Extend Its Electric Vehicle Policy For Another Three Months

The policy, notified in August 2020, aimed at raising the share of electric vehicles in Delhi to 25 per cent by 2024 


The Delhi government has decided to prolong its Electric Vehicle (EV) policy, which was originally scheduled to expire on Sunday, in an effort to maintain the momentum towards electric transportation. When the programme was first unveiled in August 2020, it had the lofty goal of increasing Delhi’s percentage of electric vehicles to 25 per cent by 2024. Now scheduled to last until 31 March, 2024, this extension is contingent upon cabinet approval.

Officially ending on August 8 of this year, the Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy, 2020 has been given several extensions while officials continue to work on the follow-up version. While the new policy’s details are still being worked out, one of its expected effects is to provide incentives for car upgrading to electric versions—a move motivated by the significant expense involved.

According to media reports,  Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot emphasised the significant expense of retrofitting, stating an approximate cost of Rs 5 to 6 lakh for converting a basic gipsy. The government’s resolve to promote the use of electric vehicles is demonstrated by the decision to prolong the current policy, with a particular emphasis on removing financial obstacles to hasten the shift to greener modes of transportation.

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