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Agriculture Sector Banking On 800 Climate-Resilient Products To Mitigate Climate Change’s Impact On Crops

The need to develop a responsive and appropriate scientific mechanism to counter the impact of climate change is also forcing companies to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for the farming community


As rising temperatures impose increased resource demands on farming, countries in the Global South are taking measures to safeguard their agriculture sectors against the challenges posed by climate change. Despite effective blueprints in place to address changing environmental conditions, the swift shifts in weather patterns have disrupted crop production cycles, impacting yields and farmer income levels. Even in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledges the sector’s challenges, spanning supply chain disruptions to climate change.

In response, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has developed over 800 climate-resilient varieties, emphasising the need for collaborative efforts to raise awareness and ensure easy accessibility. Ankur Aggarwal, Managing Director of Crystal Crop Protection, highlights the organisation’s commitment to equipping Indian farmers with resources to enhance crop yields amid climate-induced challenges. Recognizing climate change as a stark reality, a concerted approach becomes imperative.

Companies are stepping up to aid the agricultural sector in its battle for survival. Honda India Power Products, cognizant of the significance of agricultural mechanization in the face of climate change, offers a range of equipment tailored for small and marginal farmers. Mohit Kumar Singh, General Manager at Honda India Power Products Limited, emphasizes the importance of agricultural mechanization to enhance productivity and efficiency.

As the adoption of mechanization is influenced by various factors, including socioeconomic conditions and capital requirements, the role of lenders becomes crucial. Rakesh Kaul, CEO at Clix Capital, underscores the company’s commitment to advancing sustainable and green lending in alignment with global climate change mitigation efforts. Clix Capital aims to support sustainability businesses in their fight against climate change by providing seamless and affordable lending solutions. The financial support extends to sectors traditionally underserved by conventional lenders, reinforcing the company’s dedication to fostering sustainability.

Agriculture Sector Banking On 800 Climate-Resilient Products To Mitigate Climate Change’s Impact On Crops

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