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Island Nations On The Brink: Rising Seas Swallow Homes, Livelihoods As UN Reports Expose Climate Injustice

With sea levels rising twice as fast as predicted, small island nations grapple with existential threats while developed nations fall short on emission cuts and financial aid   A tidal wave of bad news is engulfing the world’s island nations, as rising sea levels, fueled by accelerating climate change, threaten to erase their homes, cultures […]

Climate Change Made 2011-2020 Decade Wetter And Warmer For India: WMO

Globally, glaciers thinned by about 1 metre per year, impacting water supplies for millions  The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) released a report during the UN climate conference , highlighting the impact of worsening climate change on India during the 2011–2020 decade. The report, offering a long-term perspective, pointed to sustained trends without variations attributed to […]