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Tripura Set To Join The Energy Efficiency Movement

The Tripura government is likely to unveil an energy efficiency plan by the end of February, as per media reports 

 According to a media report, the Tripura government is ready to unveil a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy by the end of February. The State Energy Efficiency Action Plan (SEEAP) is being actively developed by the Tripura State Electricity Corporation (TSECL) in cooperation with Green Tea, Deloitte and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Debashis Sarkar, Managing Director of TSECL, emphasised the need to tackle Tripura’s estimated 100 MW increase in electricity demand by 2030. Sarkar emphasised the need to investigate alternate energy sources as soon as possible in order to reduce the state’s reliance on gas-based power facilities. Green Tea and Deloitte are working together to draft the plan and at the conclusion of the following month, their report is anticipated.

Sarkar stated that the precise goals for reducing carbon emissions will be disclosed at the time the plan is formally introduced. Furthermore, he emphasised the significance of raising consumer, industry and utility knowledge of energy-saving measures.

In light of Tripura’s growing economy, Sarkar stressed how important it is to put strong energy efficiency measures in place. He said that these actions are essential to preserving a healthy balance between environmental responsibility and economic prosperity. The next energy efficiency plan seeks to steer the state towards a responsible and sustainable energy future while navigating its growing power demands.

Tripura Set To Join The Energy Efficiency Movement

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