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Renew Unveils 2GW Green Hydrogen Project In Kerala

Japanese conglomerate Itochu has also agreed to import 400,000 tonnes of green hydrogen-based ammonia annually from India

ReNew Power, a prominent player in India’s renewable energy sector, has unveiled plans for a substantial 2GW green hydrogen and ammonia project in Kerala, the southwestern state of the country. The proposed plant, structured in three phases, aims to achieve an impressive combined production capacity of 1.1 million tonnes of ammonia (NH3) or 220,000 tonnes of H2 annually. The initial phase is anticipated to generate 100,000 tonnes of NH3 per year, with subsequent phases contributing an additional 500,000 tonnes each.

Pending a final investment decision this year, the ambitious project could witness its first ammonia production as early as 2027. The estimated cost of the facility stands at Rs 264 billion ($3.18 billion), excluding the substantial 5–6 GW of renewables required to power the 2 GW electrolyser. The chosen site for the plant is near the Vizhinjam deep water port in Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital, set to complete the first phase of its construction in May, following years of delays.

Kerala’s state government, displaying commitment to the hydrogen sector, allocated two billion rupees (USD 24 million) in its budget last February to support the development of hydrogen hubs in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi. Additionally, the Indian federal government has announced plans for an annual auction to subsidize 550,000 tonnes of green ammonia production.

Moreover, Japanese conglomerate Itochu has entered into an agreement to import an impressive 400,000 tonnes of green hydrogen-based ammonia annually from India, showcasing the growing international interest in the country’s green energy endeavors.

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