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Gautam Adani Declares Adani Group’s Rs 2 Lakh Crore Investment, Primarily In Clean Energy, Across Gujarat Over the Next Five Years

The chairman of Adani Group said that since 2014, India’s GDP has grown by 185 percent and per capita income by 165 per cent

 Asia’s richest man, Gautam Adani, has disclosed that he intends to invest a huge Rs 2 lakh crore in Gujarat over the next five years, primarily towards the establishment of the largest clean energy project globally. The conglomerate, stretching from apples to airports, is strategically constructing three gigafactories dedicated to manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines, and hydrogen electrolysers.

The Adani Group is developing the world’s largest green energy park, covering an area of 725 square kilometres, amid Gujarat’s huge Rann of Kutch desert. This massive project intends to create an integrated renewable energy manufacturing ecosystem for wind and solar technologies while producing 30 gigawatts of electricity from solar energy.

Adani highlighted the economic benefits of this investment at the 10 Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, estimating the creation of over 1 lakh direct and indirect jobs. He emphasised the size of the investment, which will amount to USD 25 billion over the course of the next five years.

Adani highlighted the development of the massive green energy park in Khavda, Kutch, which is intended to generate 30 GW of renewable energy over 725 sq km, as a way to demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to green energy efforts. Key elements of the integrated renewable energy ecosystem include PVC, green ammonia, solar panels, wind turbines, hydrogen electrolyzers, and increases in the production of copper and cement.

Adani praised the group’s accomplishments, noting that of the Rs 55,000 crore pledged at the last summit, over Rs 50,000 crore had been invested. Adani praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and acknowledged that India has seen tremendous economic growth since 2014—a GDP increase of 185 percent and a rise in per capita income of 165 per cent—in spite of pandemic problems and geopolitical tensions.

Adani expressed gratitude for Modi’s global leadership and cited his leadership at the G20 and the Solar Alliance platform, which have helped create a more inclusive global order. He praised Modi for turning India into the fastest-growing country in the world and elevating it to the status of a world powerhouse.

Adani expressed optimism for India’s future progress under Modi’s leadership, pointing specifically to the country’s goal of becoming fully developed by 2047. In closing, Adani stated that he has been a member of every Vibrant Gujarat Summit for a long time and praised Modi’s visionary leadership for bringing together big ideas, enormous scope, careful planning and impeccable execution.

Gautam Adani Declares Adani Group’s Rs 2 Lakh Crore Investment, Primarily In Clean Energy, Across Gujarat Over the Next Five Years

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