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Singapore And Tamil Nadu Collaborate To Establish Net-Zero Industrial Park

The aim is to establish a net-zero industrial park that includes a cluster for electronics and electric vehicles 

 In an innovative effort to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, Singapore and Tamil Nadu are going to collaborate to construct India’s first net-zero industrial park. A memorandum of understanding signed by the Singapore-India Partnership Office in the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (Sipcot) during the visit of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to Singapore last year strengthened this partnership.

Currently in the development phase, the net-zero industrial park will be directed by a complete framework, cooperatively established by both parties and predicted to be finalised within a year. The framework will specify how the park would operate in a number of areas, including financial sources and emission measurement procedures.

The industrial park has been chosen to be located in Chennai, a well-known centre for the production of electronics that is home to significant businesses like Samsung and Nokia. Establishing a net-zero complex with an electronics and electric vehicle cluster is the strategic objective. The goal to drastically reduce emissions includes utilising garbage recycling as one of the creative solutions and India’s plentiful renewable energy resources.

Leading the campaign is Tamil Nadu, which is acknowledged as the most industrialised state in India with 38,837 industries, or 15 per cent of the total number in the country. Over the next ten years, Sipcot, which currently oversees 30 industrial parks totaling 5,780 hectares in Tamil Nadu, intends to increase the size of its portfolio by adding 20 more parks totaling 18,210 hectares, including the net-zero industrial park.

This partnership serves as further evidence of Singapore’s dedication to advancing sustainability both nationally and globally. Establishing prototype projects and incorporating sustainability into master planning, funding, logistics, renewable energy, water and waste management are all part of the cooperation. The areas of cooperation include renewable energy, landfill management, sustainable water and waste management and monitoring technologies, all of which capitalise on Singapore’s proficiency in master planning and urban solutions.

Expecting net-zero products to be more valuable in international markets, the government of Tamil Nadu is trying to draw in investment. The main obstacle is creating a structure that meets the needs of all parties involved, which includes investors, buyers, government agencies and allottees.

Like many other countries, India has committed to lowering emissions and reaching a net-zero goal by 2070. Global momentum towards sustainable practices and emissions reduction is demonstrated by initiatives ranging from sustainable business parks to the Adani Group’s creation of India’s largest green energy facility in the Rann of Kutch desert in Gujarat.

Singapore And Tamil Nadu Collaborate To Establish Net-Zero Industrial Park

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Singapore And Tamil Nadu Collaborate To Establish Net-Zero Industrial Park

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