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UP CM Directs Officials To Finalise Green Hydrogen Policy

Green hydrogen, being clean energy, helps in achieving the net zero target and must be encouraged, Adityanath said 


On Monday, Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, gave officials instructions to complete a green hydrogen policy and provide the most incentives possible to businesses operating in the area.

During a meeting to review the draft policy, he instructed the authorities to confer with investors and other relevant parties in order to optimise the policy’s benefits. Green hydrogen is a clean energy that aids in reaching the net zero goal and ought to be promoted, according to Adityanath.

According to him, businesses involved in the green hydrogen industry ought to have access to land as well as other advantages including capital and interest subsidies, stamp duty and electricity duty exemptions.

Before completing the policy, the chief minister gave authorities instructions to research other states’ comparable programmes.

UP CM Directs Officials To Finalise Green Hydrogen Policy

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