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COP28 Makes History With Inaugural Youth Stocktake In Collaboration With YOUNGO, Aiming To Forge Global Legacy In Climate Action

COP28’s flagship youth day gives a platform to the first-ever Youth Stocktake, bringing together thousands of young people from across the globe under the banner of climate action


With around one billion children worldwide at extreme risk from the impact of climate change, the work of young green activists is gaining more traction, and yet their input into policymaking remains limited.

COP28 then has been the ideal opportunity to keep the key issues in the spotlight, and so Youth Day day was all about reaffirming countries’ commitments to putting young people at the centre of ‘climate diplomacy’, culminating with the Youth Climates Delegate Programme.

“This COP is working to build a global legacy and a better future for youth and children. This is a turnaround COP that will ensure full inclusivity is at the heart of the climate process,” said COP28 President  Sultan Al Jaber.

‘First Extensive Analysis Of Youth Inclusion’

Young leaders from all around the world convened this significant gathering to work on developing a 2023 Global Youth Statement and to address key youth policy recommendations for COP28. The inaugural Youth Stocktake and Dubai Youth Climate Dialogue took place on Youth, Children, Skills and Education Day. This also signalled the end of the youth-led conversation forum mandated by the COP to address the 2023 Global Youth Statement and the main youth policy recommendations for COP28.

The Youth Stocktake provides a thorough examination of youth inclusion, engagement, best practices, and tactics for increasing adolescent participation in decision-making. It is the first complete research review of youth inclusion in UNFCCC and youth policy results.

“At this COP, we have witnessed unprecedented initiatives fostering children and youth inclusion. With 110 dedicated delegates on the ground, our youth have not only made a significant impact through numerous speaking engagements and negotiations but have also effectively represented their communities. Today, and all the activity that has led to it, is focused on catalysing transformative change that will stand as a lasting legacy for future COPs,” said Shamma Al Mazrui, Youth Climate Champion.

‘Working To Build A Global Legacy’

The main focus was on education and future skills, with activities aimed at assisting youth in gaining access to future employment prospects. About fifty youths participated in the Marketplace of the Future, a speed-dating-style gathering designed to put young delegates in touch with sources of finance, job prospects, and mentorship.

The “General Comment No. 26 (2023) on Children’s Rights and the Environment with a Special Focus on Climate Change” was approved by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in September. This historic declaration reaffirmed every child’s right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment while also acknowledging the detrimental effects of climate change on all other child rights.

But despite their greater vulnerability of young people to climate change, just 2.4 per cent of climate finance from key multilateral funds is child responsive. COP28’s Youth, Children, Skills and Education Day is being seen as ‘a critical moment’ to engage youth in climate policy-making, ensuring the meaningful inclusion of children, young people and other marginalised groups in the process of climate policy-making.

COP28 Makes History With Inaugural Youth Stocktake In Collaboration With YOUNGO, Aiming To Forge Global Legacy In Climate Action

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