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Rs. 82370.79 Crore collected under DMF till August 2023

Through an order issued by the Mines Ministry in June last year, state Govts. /UTs were directed to prepare a five year perspective plan taking into account current balance available and likely accrual to the DMF over the period of five years. This plan shall be based on findings and gaps as identified through the baseline survey or assessment undertaken by universities / renowned organizations/agencies or any department


The Ministry of Mines in a press statement said Rs. 82370.79 Crore collected under District Mineral Foundations (DMFs) till August this Year.

The Ministry stated, “As per the latest statistics of the Ministry of Mines, the total amount of funds collected under DMF comes to Rs.82370.79 crore and the amount utilised stands at 45150.21 crore (August, 2023). High priority work (60 per cent) under DMFs is centered around sectors like education, drinking water supply, health, welfare of women and children, environment preservation & pollution control measures, skill development, sanitation etc. At the same time, under Other Priority work (40 per cent), the projects mainly belong to sectors like physical infrastructure, irrigation, energy, water shed development etc.


In an effort to enhance the effectiveness of DMFs, the Mines Ministry issued an order in June of the previous year, directing state governments and union territories to develop a five-year perspective plan. This plan should consider the current balance available and anticipated accruals to the DMF over a five-year period, drawing insights from baseline surveys conducted by universities, renowned organisations, agencies, or government departments. In April 2021, the central government issued directives to include Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assemblies, and Members of Legislative Councils in the governing councils of DMFs, with the broader public interest in mind. Furthermore, in July of the same year, another order emphasised that DMF funds should be exclusively allocated to purposes prescribed under the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, preventing their diversion to other funds or purposes.


In line with this mission, the government launched the

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(PMKKKY), to be executed by DMFs in their respective regions. This initiative aims to ameliorate the conditions of those affected by mining and create mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

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Rs. 82370.79 Crore collected under DMF till August 2023

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