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Daily progress to promote cleanliness is being monitored: FCAMIN

 The Department has identified 994 public grievances and 1496 public grievance appeals apart from 1922 files to be reviewed for weeding out to ensure the cleanliness of the office premises. During the campaign the Department will put in all efforts to dispose of the pendency in MP references, Parliamentary assurances, PMO references, IMC references, State Government references


The Special Campaign 3.0 is being observed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, its affiliated offices, autonomous bodies, subordinate offices, and field formations in order to promote cleanliness and improve the working environment at government facilities from 2 to 31 October, 2023.

In addition to the 1922 files that need to be checked for weeding out in order to maintain the cleanliness of the office premises, the Department has identified 994 public grievances and 1496 public grievance appeals. The Department aims to make every effort throughout the campaign to resolve any outstanding MP references, parliamentary assurances, PMO references, IMC referrals, State Government references, etc.


Subordinate / attached / autonomous bodies like Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), Indian Institute of Legal Metrology (IILM), National Test House (NTH), Regional Reference Standards Laboratory (RRSL) are doing a number of outreach programmes, like distributing pamphlets to create awareness among general public about swachhata, harms of single use plastic at market places, by holding essay writing competitions, drawing competitions, etc. at schools. Using this opportunity they are cleaning their office premises, laboratories, training institutes, hostels, quarters, etc. by removing the bushes and planting saplings and trees to enhance the greenery. Apart from that all these offices have identified large amount of scrap materials including old furniture, e-waste, obsolete items, etc. to be auctioned during the campaign and due to that it is expected a large area will be freed which can be put into office use. They are involving all their employees for conducting several sustainable cleanliness drives during this campaign period.

Daily advancement is tracked and posted to the SCDPM portal, which DARPG hosts. To meet the goals specified by the Department for the time period, all Attached, Subordinate, and Autonomous Organisations are actively taking part in the campaign.


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