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Kundan Green Energy Embarks On New Hydropower Project In Sikkim

Kundan Green Energy, one of the  leading player in the renewable energy sector, has secured a significant mandate to develop a greenfield hydropower plant in Rellichu, Sikkim. Awarded by the Government of Sikkim, this project underscores Kundan Green Energy’s commitment to executing hydropower projects with top-notch standards and timely delivery. Scheduled for completion by 2026, the Rellichu hydropower project is poised to generate 21 MW of power, significantly bolstering Sikkim’s energy capacity and developmental goals. With this addition, Kundan Green Energy’s cumulative hydropower capacity will surge to 125 MW, up from the current 104 MW.

Speaking on this milestone,  Udit Garg, Director of Kundan Green Energy, highlighted the vast potential of Sikkim in hydropower generation, citing that the state accounts for a significant portion of India’s hydropower potential, with 29 approved projects in various stages of development. Emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainable energy practices, Garg expressed enthusiasm in partnering with the Government of Sikkim to harness the state’s hydropower potential efficiently.

Kundan Green Energy already boasts a strong presence in Sikkim, with four operational projects totaling 35 MW capacity, alongside two upcoming projects. Notably, the company’s execution prowess sets it apart, with an average commissioning time of 4-5 years, compared to the industry norm of eight to ten years. This efficiency underscores Kundan Green Energy’s reliability as a key energy partner in driving Sikkim’s renewable energy agenda forward.

Kundan Green Energy Embarks On New Hydropower Project In Sikkim

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