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COP28: Permanent Committee For Human Rights Holds Event Highlighting Links Between Climate Change, Gender-based Violence

Jamal Al Musharakh,  emphasised the importance of women’s role and gender equality in climate action. The UAE also submits a draft resolution on girls’ education to the Human Rights Council   The Permanent Committee for Human Rights in the UAE, in cooperation and partnership with the General Women’s Union and the UN Women Liaison Office for […]

India Puts Climate Justice At The Core Of Sustainability Road Map 

As India embarks on an accelerated sustainability journey in line with the UAE consensus, it stresses on the imperative to work for global good but within national contexts, with the developed nations leading by example The rigorous deliberations that lasted over two weeks resulted in the historic agreement, now known as the UAE consensus. It […]

India’s Leadership At COP28: Charting A Sustainable Course For Global Climate Action

“A small part of humanity has ruthlessly exploited nature, and the entire humanity is bearing the cost of it, especially the inhabitants of the Global South. The selfishness of a few will lead the world into darkness, not just for themselves but for the entire world.” – Prime Minister Narendra Modi   In a powerful […]

ADB Introduces USD 2 billion Nature Solutions Finance Hub At COP28

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) unveiled its Nature Solutions Finance Hub for Asia and the Pacific at COP28, setting a goal of attracting a minimum of USD 2 billion in investments The initiative focuses on integrating nature-based solutions into investment programs, particularly targeting capital markets and private capital sources. ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa highlighted the […]

“Climate Action Must Ensure That Priorities Of Global South Is Not Compromised”: PM Modi

Prime Minister stresses that as nations pursue climate action, it must be based on equity, climate justice, shared obligations and shared capacities Advocating for strong, global cooperation against climate change, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it must be ensured that these actions don’t compromise the development priorities of the Global South. Prime Minister Modi who is […]

UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber Takes Helm As COP28 President, Inaugurates Climate Talks With Gavel Handover From Egypt

      UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, Sultan Al Jaber, has officially opened the COP28 climate talks and assumed the role of COP28 President in the formal passing of the gavel from his predecessor, COP27 President Sameh Shoukry. “As I today perform my very last duty as COP President, as Egypt hands over […]

UN Emissions Gap Report Warns Of Drastic 2.5-2.9°C Temperature Rise

To meet the 2°C temperature rise target, emissions must be reduced by at least 28 per cent compared to current scenarios The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report has  alarmed that the world is on course for a 2.5–2.9°C temperature rise above pre-industrial levels unless countries exceed their 2030 climate pledges.   UNEP Executive Director Inger […]