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BCG Managing Partner, Sankash Venkatesh at IEW

Becoming A 7 Trillion Economy by 2030 Through Stronger Partnerships

This year saw the 2nd edition of the India Energy Week, which achieved greater heights by being “larger, better, and stronger”. It gave a platform to a diverse energy diaspora to interact and share their challenges.   In a recent interaction with BW Businessworld, Sankash Venkatesh, Managing Director and Partner, Bengaluru, Boston Consulting Group, shared […]

India Puts Climate Justice At The Core Of Sustainability Road Map 

As India embarks on an accelerated sustainability journey in line with the UAE consensus, it stresses on the imperative to work for global good but within national contexts, with the developed nations leading by example The rigorous deliberations that lasted over two weeks resulted in the historic agreement, now known as the UAE consensus. It […]

India’s Leadership At COP28: Charting A Sustainable Course For Global Climate Action

“A small part of humanity has ruthlessly exploited nature, and the entire humanity is bearing the cost of it, especially the inhabitants of the Global South. The selfishness of a few will lead the world into darkness, not just for themselves but for the entire world.” – Prime Minister Narendra Modi   In a powerful […]

Equity And Climate Justice Must Be Basis Of Climate Action: India At COP28

The GST involves a two-year review of collective global efforts to achieve the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement, particularly the target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era At COP28 on Saturday, India’s Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav asserted that equity and climate justice should form the foundation of […]