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NGT Expert Member Bats For Introspection, Improvement In Environmental Adjudication Practices

The NGT is tasked with providing effective and expeditious remedies in cases relating to environmental protection, conservation of forests and other natural resources, and enforcement of any legal rights relating to the environment. Its orders are binding

Vijay Kulkarni, an expert member of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), stressed the need for reflection and enhancement in environmental adjudication practices, advocating for sustainable development. Speaking at the keynote address titled ‘Legal Protection and Improvement of the Environment: Challenges and the Way Forward’, organised by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board,  Kulkarni underscored the NGT’s role in delivering effective remedies in cases related to environmental protection and natural resource conservation, with its orders being binding.

Kulkarni highlighted key principles such as the ‘polluter pays’ principle, emphasizing the imposition of heavy costs on violators, but also raising questions about its effectiveness in deterring pollution. He also discussed the precautionary principle, which calls for caution in addressing potential environmental risks, proposing a data-driven approach to establish appropriate thresholds for environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes.

Moreover, Kulkarni emphasised the importance of collaboration among environmentalists, regulators, and the judiciary to develop sustainable solutions for environmental preservation and restoration. Justice UD Salvi, a former judicial member of the NGT, echoed the sentiment, stressing the imperative to preserve the environment for future generations amidst evolving political landscapes and diverse ideologies.

Justice Salvi underscored the significant environmental impact resulting from the imposition of certain lifestyles and beliefs, cautioning against compromising environmental health for developmental agendas. He advocated for sustainable development that harmonizes economic growth with environmental protection, emphasising the unwavering commitment to safeguarding nature despite changing ideologies and political climates.

As guardians of the environment, both Dr. Kulkarni and Justice Salvi emphasised the need for continuous vigilance and dedication to ensure the preservation of nature, urging stakeholders to prioritize environmental integrity amidst evolving socio-political dynamics.

NGT Expert Member Bats For Introspection, Improvement In Environmental Adjudication Practices

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