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Israeli Firm To Revolutionise Indian Dairy Farming With Green Energy

Home Biogas, a pioneer in the field, has developed a miniaturised anaerobic digester, a veritable marvel of modern technology

In a  development poised to reshape dairy farming in India, Israeli company HomeBiogas is set to deploy 7,000 of its advanced systems across dairy farms in Satara. This eco-friendly initiative aims to convert food scraps and organic waste into a sustainable green energy source, addressing environmental and health concerns in the process.


HomeBiogas, a pioneer in the field, has engineered a miniaturised anaerobic digester, employing modern technology to harness the power of microorganisms. This compact tank digests organic waste, producing a valuable methane-rich gas. This gas serves as a crucial resource for on-site cooking and heating, replacing traditional firewood and charcoal practices.


Beginning early next year, thousands of dairy farmers in Satara will transition to greener, cleaner energy by feeding their HomeBiogas systems with cow manure. This innovative approach not only revolutionises cooking methods but also significantly reduces exposure to harmful cooking smoke. In a dual benefit for the environment and the local community, the initiative contributes to a reduction in deforestation and decreases reliance on fossil fuels for cooking.


Facilitated by a partnership with SKG Sangha, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting renewable energy technologies in remote rural areas, HomeBiogas will provide its cutting-edge systems to Indian dairy farmers. This collaboration marks significant progress toward sustainable energy production in the region.


A critical aspect of HomeBiogas’ business model is the sale of carbon credits. The majority of its revenue for manufacturing, installing, and maintaining HomeBiogas systems for Indian dairy farmers will come from selling carbon credits to companies committed to reducing emissions. This approach alleviates financial burdens on these companies, emphasising HomeBiogas’ commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the dairy farming sector.






Israeli Firm To Revolutionise Indian Dairy Farming With Green Energy

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