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India Aims For Net Zero Goals With A New Green Revolution

Several programmes were initiated across sectors, including green fuel, energy, mobility, farming, equipment and buildings    Towards a more environmentally friendly future and sustainable development, with an emphasis on reaching net-zero status by 2070, India made notable progress in 2018. Every year, campaigns were launched to address climate change, protect biodiversity, and advance sustainable lifestyles. […]

Developed Countries Not On Track To Meet 2030 Emission Reduction Targets US, EU, Russia Highest Over-Shooters

World Sustainability Day 2023: Net-zero goals hinge on significant emission cuts in this decade. Instead of relying on future events, developed countries should define clear year-on-year reduction plans to meet their targets in this critical decade       Developed countries are projected to collectively emit around 3.7 gigatons of extra carbon dioxide in 2030, […]