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The Impact of Climate Change on Facility Management Role

Experts from various sectors discuss climate change solutions including renewable energy, sustainable practices, and facility management at a conference.


“Do you think climate change is a myth? this is the question is asked my colleagues and they collectively said, no this is not a myth, it’s happening big time now.”

“We are recognising climate change in India and around the world, and finding solutions to go around it”, said Kamal Satsangi, Group Head – General Management & Global Operations (Airlines), Air India.

Speaking about how the defence sector is looking at climate change,

“In the infantry, your feet are always on the ground, our feet are connected to the ground much more than perhaps any other profession. Army has been continuously known to nurture or green the areas where they operate,” said Navinder Narang, Head Infrastructure, Facilities & ESG, ICICI Home Finance Company Limited, who served in the army before.

“Being in touch with locals, seeing their problems from digging wells and helping them in their livelihood,” Narang added.

Ravindra Swami, the Principal Consultant, Head of Operations at Information Technology Infra Large Account, Infosys said, “We are already working on disaster recovery and business continuity systems. Due to climate change, uncertainty or the possibility of anything untoward happening, we might have to shift our data centres across the country or world.

“We in IT are already equipped within these terms of facility capacity. Climate change and its impact is requiring facility management and as of now not much action has been taken, it should be a part of the risk analysis.”

Furthermore, discussing about the zero carbon target by 2030. “We are working towards including for renewable energy sources to power up our data centres,” added Swami.

“Coming from a core facility management background, and right now the green hat is available with every organisation, and it is wise to grab that opportunity,” said Ramesh Kumar Bhatt, Head – Facility & Administration, D S Group

“Working on facility management, with an eye on the environment, in a distributed set-up like retail is a challenge, However, one can work around the design part. Most retailers are used to working with a set piece design, this mindset has to change.”

“The carbon units will be saved along with sustaining the local livelihood. Standardisation and scaling of environmentally positive materials” added  Narang.

Ravindra Swami added to the discussion on what more are they doing for the climate, “We are trying to consolidate with the new technology and use less power-hungry machines. Thereby, using less power consumption.”

Meanwhile, Ramesh Kumar Bhatt who was among the panel speakers at the BW Facility Management Conference 2024 on 6th February discussed packaging, and how his company is trying to make it more sustainable. “Currently, the plastic is banned. Compliance and competitive advantage are factors which motivated us to be plastic friendly organisation.”

“There has to be discipline and habit amongst organisation, as Bhatt adds, “We have a committee that meets every month, to discuss the new projects, progresses and sustainability ideas.”

The session was moderated by Kamal Satsangi, Group Head – General Management & Global Operations (Airlines), Air India.

The Impact of Climate Change on Facility Management Role

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